(Family Yoga, part of our Mindful Families Programs at the Olean Meditation Center)

In April 2016, the Olean Meditation Center hosted its first set of Mindful Families events. We featured family yoga, arts & crafts, music, and meditation for different ages. Our purpose was to provide community and fun with enriching, mindful activities from which family members of all ages could benefit.

We now host quarterly gatherings specially designed for families and/or children. Mindful Families events are non-sectarian and open to any family wishing to attend. If you are interested in helping plan sessions, please let us know. Also, if you know other families who might enjoy participating with us, please invite them.

Some activity ideas for future sessions (the list is by no means exhaustive):

  • -Quarterly yoga sessions
  • -Silent mancala/board game hour with tea party
  • -Namaste drum circle
  • -Potlucks
  • -Book talk/meditation for middle schoolers or teens
  • -A sharing of traditions from our Mindful Families
  • -Making a mandala or another artistic creation
  • -Zen coloring party
  • -Compassion training for different ages
  • -Talent show
  • -Music program
  • -Family cooking class
  • -Community service activity, Compassion in Action (i.e, Genesis House, other local service organizations)
  • -Tai Chi/Qigong

Please contact us with ideas & questions, and we hope you will join us for future Mindful Families sessions!


Andrea Spako (anjspako@gmail.com)

Katie Ward (ward.menichino@gmail.com)

Jeanne Walk (jwalkslp@aol.com)

Danielle Kielar (dfmspk@yahoo.com)


Archived flyer from our Spring 2016 Mindful Families inaugural program: