“Perfect love casts out all fear” i.e. Love is courageous

Join us for another Heat Meditation tomorrow. We will look again at what power is contained in our hearts and consider the wisdom in the idea of “Perfect Love.” While it is so much more than soft, sentimental, romantic or sensual. loves’ essence is more perfectly revealed in courage.

In France, the world’s most romantic people, the word for the heart is la Coeur. (Interesting that’s it’s in the feminine pronoun – suggesting the heart is somehow the domain of wisdom – Sophia.) From Latin, the English word courage comes and again points to the power of the heart. Its passion is unleashed as sheer courage and gives us the strength and will to endure just about anything to support its truth.

Heart Meditations looks at the heart’s wisdom scattered throughout the ages that helps us to step out in courage rather than hide trembling in fear and allows our heart to be the instrument of love’s courage. Also, it’s important to note that love flourishes in freedom, the call of which so often demands our innate courage.

We will repeat the same breathing meditation we used Friday.