On behalf of Southern Tier Sangha, Dr. Richard Reilly will be facilitating a rare opportunity for local community members to systematically learn about the Buddhist world view by exploring its history, core teachings, and practices. As you perhaps know, I have practiced Buddhism for over twenty years, have been on several Buddhist pilgrimages (India, Nepal, Japan) and taught Buddhism at St. Bonaventure for many years. 

The class is being offered on Thursdays, 10-11: 20 AM and from 5:15 – 6:20 PM at The Olean Meditation Center. Persons interested in taking the class should contact Rich Reilly this week by email ( or stop by the Center on Thursday, September 12th. If interested in a copy of the main text will be available for purchase ($20); or participants can order used copies online. An electronic or hard copy of the first reading will be provided to participants before the first class on September 12th.

In lieu of a course fee, participants are asked to make a $5/class donation to the ST Sangha Fund.  Coffee/tea will be provided.

Buddhism Class Syllabus

Main Text: Buddhism for Dummies, 2nd Ed., Jonathan Landaw, et. al., Wiley, 2011.

This class will be structured in a way that is responsive to the needs & interests of the participants. Generally, classes will have several components: an overview presentation on text chapter; short video/slide presentation; discussion; meditative reflections on key point(s); question & answer.

Below is a class-by-class ordering of themes & readings.  Dates of class meeting TBA. One or two films might be added in.

  1.  What is Buddhism?                                     BD, 9-20                     Sept 12th
  2.  Buddhist View of Mind                                 BD, 21-34
  3.  The Historical Buddha                                   BD, 35-52
  4.  The Four Noble Truths                                  BD, 53-62
  5.  Theravada Buddhism                                     BD, 63-73; 85-92
  6.  Mahayana/Chinese Buddhism                       BD, 73-81; 93-103
  7.  Zen Buddhism                                               BD, 104-109
  8.  Vajrayana Buddhism                                     BD, 110-118
  9.  Turning to Buddhism                                     BD, 119-138
  10.  Meditation                                                      BD, 139-159
  11.  Walking a Buddhist Path                               BD, 161-179
  12.  Pilgrimage                                                      BD, 181-194
  13.  What is Enlightenment?                                 BD, 197-215
  14.  Meditation & Death                                       BD, 217-231
  15.  Karma & Moral Discipline                            BD, 233-248
  16.  Liberation from Samsara                               BD, 249-268
  17.  Realizing One’s Potential                              BD, 269-287
  18. Further Explorations                                      TBA
  19. Yet Further Explorations                               TBA